Connecting to EDUROAM - Gymnázium, Český Krumlov

The main point of this project is a transparent use of interconnected networks within TERENA mobility TF. The eduoram network aims at connecting students to the internet, regardless of their current location. Put into practice, if one is within the range of eduoram Wi-Fi (not necessarily the Czech one), they can connect to it and log in using their home organisation password.

Connecting to EDUROAM:

The whole network uses WPA-EAP (PEAP-MSCHAPv2) with TKIP encryption and 802.1x standard for logging in (doing so via a web form is not supported) and is spread under eduroam SSID. .

In order to connect to the network a wireless network card with WPA support is needed. Some of the cards can be found here Also required is a login, your home organisation password and a root certificate CESNET PKI (the national coordinator of this project).

Should any mistakes occur, do not hesitate and contact the administrator of our institution, lajner(at)

eduoram is a registered trademark of TERENA