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How to graduate in English

Dear final-year students,

If you want to graduate in English, you have now chosen whether to take the school profile exam or the state exam.


For the school exam, you have to do a 15-minute speaking exam, which will be about a single topic (you can find the list of 25 topics in the English Language section of this website under „final exam topics“). The exam has three parts,  (1) a reading text with comprehension questions, (2) a short practical grammar exercise, and (3) a talk of about 10 minutes about the topic. We expect you to have prepared interesting content and will also ask you questions to test your improvisation skills.


The state exam is divided into 4 parts, which have an equal 25%  share in the evaluation:

The speaking exam is divided into 4 parts, each focused on a different topic. The 1st  part is answering questions, the 2nd is describing and comparing pictures and the 4th part is an improvised dialogue with the examiner. The topics for these three parts are the following: personality, family, home and housing, everyday life, education, free time and entertainment, interpersonal relations, travel and transport, health and body care, food, shopping, jobs, services, society, geography and nature.

The 3rd part is a five-minute presentation about any of the following topics:

work and jobs, literature, holidays and celebrations, food, housing, communication, the Czech Republic, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the United Kingdom, cities.